Events & Perks for Attendees


“The first key to purposeful living is to accept the responsibility of your mission”

ET Youth is a hybrid talkshow by ET ideas (social business incubator platform) that aims to empower youth to discover their passion.

As March begins, ET Youth features Steven Raj, President of Dynamic & Creative Minds Association (PMDK), a NGO which has worked with many teachers, students in introducing great initiatives conducted by Ascendance till now.

His passion in talking & building trustworthy relationship with people also leads him to successful career in Marketing & Sales.👨‍💼

Join us at ET Youth to find out how Steven Raj takes his responsibility excitedly & LIVING A PURPOSEFUL LIFE. 🌟

Date: 31 March 2023 (Friday)
Time: 8pm to 9pm (GMT +8)


“Unlock the Secrets of Sales & Marketing Success with Avery Dennison’s Industry Titans”

Join Darren Low, Key Account Manager and Kin Zixian , Product Manager Specialty & Sheets to explain about how they make sales while stay committed to sustainability by producing a wide range of labeling and packaging solutions.

This workshop helps budding entrepreneurs & other delegates to get connected to industry experts as such.


Changing Reality is a talk show hosted by Penn undergraduate student, Harsha who is also a 21-year-old social entrepreneur. Together we explore how extraordinary individuals are changing the reality around them while figuring out how we can do the same.

This month Changing reality features Varut Bulakul, Executive Vice President & President of Investment, Brooker Group Public Co Ltd

*Official Sponsor for Global Gamechangers Summit 2023